N•Trust Professional

N•Trust Managed Services seeks to provide your company maximum productivity by ensuring your network’s availability and peak performance. Through the N•Trust Managed Services offering you rest assured that your network is performing at its optimum through a complete maintenance program. All N•Trust Managed Services Packages utilize the ENTRUST Network Operations Center (ENOC) that monitors and manages your IT and security infrastructure. The ENOC provides 24×7 monitoring, alert notifications, reporting, real-time monitoring, and the necessary tool set to manage your IT infrastructure.

N•Trust Professional is designed for complete server management and workstation management.

This package is also geared towards a client that requires a little more support because of power users, a more complex network, has a project on the horizon, or simply wants to have a plan that will cover most if not all issues that come up during a year.

Also includes: essential proactive issue detection and resolution, priority response to network issues, discounted onsite and remote desktop support, and extensive scheduled pro-active maintenance.

Elements Included:

Applies to Managed Servers and Key Network Elements

  • Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Executive Summary Reporting

Remote Support
N•Trust offers the ability to have your issues handled remotely.

  • Faster issue resolution
  • Remote support reaching all workstations

Remote and Automatic Pro-Active Services
N•Trust Advantage provides pro-active services in the following areas.

  • Backup Checks
  • ErrorLog Monitoring

Servers and Workstations

  • Regular Patching
  • Regular Anti-Virus Monitoring & Cleansing
  • Regular Anti-Spyware Monitoring & Cleansing
  • Regular Optimization (Defragmentation)
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Built-in Support Hours (Extended)
  • On-Demand Support


  • Enhanced Commitment Top Priority

Comprehensive Predictable Costs

  • Predictable IT Cost forecasting and budgeting

Enhanced Email Filtering

  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus (outside firewall)

Element Descriptions:

  • Notifications – This flexible and easy-to-use rules-based notification system will automatically send us alerts via email, pager or short message service (SMS) if critical events occur.
  • Reporting – Generate availability, performance, capacity and trend reports to support Service Level Objectives. Run reports at any time or schedule them for automated delivery.
  • Real-time monitoring – The distributed data collection system collects and monitors the critical health metrics of your network.
  • Proactive Notifications – Notifies your technicians via email, pager or SMS when critical events occur, allowing you to react quickly to any alert.
  • Executive Summary Reporting – The reporting system provides availability, capacity and trend reports, along with a monthly executive summary report to support Service Level Objectives.