N•Shield A La Carte

The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come.


Inventory Reporting

checkmarksWhat do you have and where is it?

Really know what you have and maintain the ability to prove it. With inventory reporting you will have a complete audit of your hardware and software. Our systems will automatically track the components of hardware and software on your network. Annually we will provide a summary report. This summary will be customizable to show you all the devices or specific devices. The software inventory report will also show you what software is loaded on all your devices with detailed information including software name, version, number of installations and by device. No more guesswork; really know what you have.

  • Complete Audit of Hardware
  • Complete Audit of Software
  • Managed by ENTRUST
  • Annual Detailed Report
  • Customizable Report by Request
  • Accessible Online
  • Historical Data

Token-Based Authentication

tokenbasedExceptional protection from hackers, former employees, etc. from being able to log into your systems.

In today’s “always connected” and “always vulnerable” technology climate, having a second level of protection beyond usernames and passwords can be extremely vital. Add another layer of protection through token-based authentication. Token-based authentication requires users to have in their possession a device ( “token” ) that generates random access codes. A smartphone app can substitute for a hardware device. Your secured systems can now only be reached by users who know valid usernames/passwords AND who possess such a token. These tokens can be revoked at any time to quickly block access from former employees, vendors, maintenance, etc.

  • Second Layer of Protection
  • Stronger Credentials
  • Decrease Business Risk
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Meet Compliance Objectives
  • Instant Administration
  • Increased Staff Accountability

Managed Firewall

managed firewallThat old “cable modem” or “wireless router” is no longer good enough!

N•Trust Managed Firewall Service provides you with network gateway security. Rest assured that your network gateway will have the latest in business class hardware. Commercial grade hardware is provided and managed by ENTRUST. ENTRUST will monitor the firewall 24x7x365, upgrade the hardware, patch firmware and replace when necessary within 24 hours. Network security is achieved through multiple layers of defense. Add to your defenses through the N•Trust Managed Firewall Service.

  • Commercial Grade Hardware
  • Provided & Maintained
  • Routine Upgrades
  • Configured and Managed
  • 24Hr Replacement
  • Basic Web Content Filtering
  • Usage Reporting
  • 24x7x365 Monitored

E-mail Encryption

email encryptionPrivacy and Compliance

Email has become one of the primary tools used in the business environment. Sensitive data is continually being sent over intranets, the internet, and now via wireless communications. Remember Email by default is transmitted as plain text and can be viewed very easily by anyone with the knowledge and desire to spy into your communications. Protect your data, your sensitive communication, and your client’s information with an additional layer of security. Email encryption protects the data the whole way from your Outbox to the recipient’s Inbox. Prying eyes cannot penetrate anywhere along the way.

  • Reduce Risk of Data Exposure
  • Easy to Use for Recipients and Senders
  • No Additional Equipment Needed
  • Meets Regulatory Compliance
  • Seamless Delivery
  • No Encryption Key Management
  • Convenient Policy Based
  • Encryption
  • Low Per User Pricing

Whole Disk Encryption

disk encryptionNever worry about exposing data on traveling laptops again

Laptops are inherently at risk of being stolen or lost. Protect your data and your customer’s data through Whole Disk Encryption. Whole Disk Encryption adds another layer of security by auto-matically encrypting all the data on your hard drives so that no one without the proper passwords are able to access your data, even if the hard drive is removed from the laptop. Rest assured that even if your laptops (or even desktops) were stolen, all of the data on those machines will be protected with whole disk encryption.

  • Reduces Risk of Data Exposure
  • Ensures Compliance Accountability
  • Automatically Encrypts/Decrypts Data
  • Easy to Use; Single Sign-on
  • Users Continue to Work as Usual
  • Password Escrowed by Entrust