Microsoft to Retire Windows XP

Microsoft Support of Windows XP to End April, 2014

Shortly after the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to retire the popular Windows XP operating system. Many businesses and home personal computer owners still use Windows XP as their primary operating system, but after April 8, 2014, Microsoft will cease to offer free updates and security patches for those still using XP. Additionally, the end of support on Microsoft’s end will be reflected in a lack of support offered by independent software companies to users of Windows XP.

While many consumers are now comfortably using both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or 8.1), XP remains widely used by businesses in particular. Due to XP’s inherent stability and extensive server software, many businesses – both large and small – never made the switch to newer operating systems and, until now, this posed few problems for users.

The end in support of XP may be costly to some users: not only will most have purchase versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8, but a large percentage of those who work with XP will find that the newer operating systems will require hardware or system upgrades as well. The end in free support, however, does not mean that XP users will have to make the upgrade immediately.

First, Windows XP will continue to work on all computers running this operating system, and for those willing to run the risk of going without technical and security updates, continuing use of XP may be a viable option, at least in the short term, particularly for home PC users.

Second, Microsoft will be offering a paid service called Premier Support for those who wish to continue running Windows XP. This may be a good option for businesses, but offers a fairly costly option to the home user.

Luckily, Microsoft is giving Windows XP users plenty of time to decide what to do and offers many tools on their website to test system requirements for upgrades, learn about new operating systems and ask questions for additional support.  ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services can help San Antonio businesses and users who need help making the transition from XP by April 2014!