J Walter Thompson Unlocking creativity with Microsoft Teams from Digital GTM on Vimeo.


Short Message: From creating ads to giving veterans the prosthetics they need to swim once more, watch how J. Walter Thompson is using #MicrosoftTeams to evolve 

This week, we’ll learn how Microsoft Teams is being used by J. Walter Thompson—one of the world’s most prestigious communication agencies—to complement its creative teams and help ideas reach their full potential. We’ll also explore how digital collaboration not only empowers your business but also allows you to grow and branch out organically by ensuring your teams have an always-on digital space to share and network. 


Creating a successful work environment is about creating a space where people can imagine, build, and share ideas. It’s about making people feel safe to open up about what inspires them, and enable them to make their ideas come to fruition. Thinking along these lines has led countless businesses to rethink their offices and create workplaces that allow people to feel open.

There is no way for people to expand their minds when they are locked inside cubicles and unable to share their ideas. This is how you stifle innovation. You never know when someone in one department may have the solution to a complicated problem from a completely different area. An organization can only grow and build when the team members involved are able to work together to find solutions.

But workplace culture is not just about eliminating cubicles and incorporating an open-concept office space. It’s about giving people the tools they need to share and collaborate effectively. Emails back and forth to direct managers keep others from being part of the problem-solving process. Technological capacities have advanced and we are now able to optimize digital platforms to be an extension of the open offices that we thrive to create. 

This is the main idea centered around Microsoft Teams– to create digital spaces that nurture ideas, bring people together, and allow businesses to collaborate in real-time to create solutions to complicated problems.  

Organizations that utilize Microsoft Teams are able to address problems like never before. It’s more than just a video conferencing system with chat abilities. It is a way for everyone inside an organization to stay up to date, and create new ideas that would have never been considered.

We wanted to explore how companies like J Walter Thompson- one of the world’s most prestigious communication agencies- use Microsoft Teams to complement their robust creative teams and allow them to help ideas reach maturity. Having the right tools can allow an organization to grow ideas organically while offering an always-on digital platform to constantly network, and share. 

The inspiring stories from J Walter Thompson showcase how Microsoft Teams is ultimately designed to allow businesses to do what they do best- help people. The platform allows the best minds across a number of different backgrounds to share ideas and create creative solutions. This can lead to life-changing products and innovation, such as experts in prosthetics working together to give a veteran the ability to once again swim with his family,

Creativity cannot live in the dark. You need to give it space to grow, support to prosper, and teamwork to make it come alive. Organizations must change from the inside out, and create spaces that foster innovation and dynamic work methodologies if they wish to succeed in the future.

Microsoft Teams gives organizations the digital component needed to move into the modern age. Success is not just about having a good team but also enabling that team to be as successful as possible.  That’s why it’s important to remember that with Microsoft teams it’s more than just a work tool: it’s a hub for inspiration and creativity.