Managed Services

Network Performance

ENTRUST Managed Services are designed to ensure your network’s performance, uptime, and accessibility.  What managed services means to us, is we are responsible to manage and improve your IT infrastructure.  We look at your machines and servers, determine their age and long-term viability.  We then seek to understand how this technology serves your business and then we develop a plan that can support your business with your IT choices.

Let’s say we find your accounting platform is running Windows XP.  We would tell you how Microsoft discontinued Windows XP support and how you are potentially making your data hackable.  From this point, we could suggest a new accounting platform if that one for some reason only ran on Windows XP.  More likely, we would find a computer that worked, with up to date security and patches, install the software and ensure the computer continued getting updates.  We don’t wait for it all to crash, we proactively monitor, enhance, improve, and ensure your satisfaction.

We then run scans on how many errors disks are getting so that we can swap out hard drives before they crash and you lose important data.  We believe in proactive computer support and that your small attention now avoids major issues in the future.

Proactive Approach

If you would like to ENSURE your computer safety and efficiency with a proactive approach, give ENTRUST a call today and we can help you design, improve and maintain an amazing IT infrastructure at a fraction of the headaches caused by using a reactive IT protocol.

ENTRUST offers multiple levels of service to cover your company's IT support needs.

For example, you can select from our CareDesk® level for as few as 10 users, Professional coverage to include mobile devices or Premium services including unlimited service requests.