There are a number of challenges the typical company will face as it grows. As companies outgrow their existing resources, they turn to IT managed services to meet new business challenges. Companies are starting to see a distinct advantage in sourcing their IT services with a managed provider.

Why companies benefit from Managed IT resources

Efficiency. A company with over 100 employees will benefit from not overextending their internal IT resources. Companies can use their internal IT resources for high level projects and have low level tasks managed by external IT resources.

Proactive maintenance. Companies are accustomed to responding to internal emergencies, and those emergencies make it increasingly difficult to devote time to long-term planning efforts. Software and performance issues are addressed before the problems affect productivity.

Security and compliance. Companies turn to service providers to identify gaps in safety and security that can potentially compromise business data. A managed IT resource can monitor the newest security challenges, quickly implementing the safeguards proactively before they become an imminent threat to the business.

Cost-effective IT resources available. A company may have the funds to expand their team as business needs grow. Investing more in the headcount of the IT department may be cost-prohibitive. Partnering with a managed IT resource removes the need for hiring more personnel.

Access to latest technologies. This availability makes enterprise level solutions available to small businesses around the clock. While licensing restrictions can make it difficult to upgrade to the latest software solutions available, companies can still have access to enterprise level resources in using managed IT resources. The newest releases are always available when using managed IT providers.

Companies explore the managed IT resource option for many reasons. Improved productivity, reliable uptime, proactive maintenance, and costly overhead are all reasons why companies turn to managed IT resources. Companies can be confident that they have access to the most current enterprise level solutions and security safeguards that protect customers.