Business intelligence is a phrase that has become much more common in meetings, conference calls, and strategic business reports. However, many companies do not truly understand why there is such an aggressive push for more integrated business data.

Understanding BI’s role is about understanding how the data can be used to adapt to a changing environment, and how to take trends and create positive changes that will impact business goals and long-term growth. Many companies are not even aware of what constitutes a reliable and effective Business Intelligence platform to begin with.

Using business intelligence means that you are using your data to help yourself in numerous ways. It’s not just more technology for the sake of it. BI is an essential tool that today’s businesses will need to be using to stay competitive. Businesses are not staying around as long as they used to, so BI will become integral for those who wish to stick around.

What Makes Good BI?

The best BI options will offer the tools needed to adapt quickly and make effective decisions.

  • Augmented BI, such as machine learning and natural language querying.
  • Platform extensibility and customization capabilities.
  • Features necessary to work with big data.
  • Built-in data preparation tools.
  • Deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and mobile.

The business intelligence field is already becoming a crowded and highly competitive area. But even with fierce competition, Microsoft’s Power BI has proven to be an effective and highly recommended option.Microsoft Top BI Performer

The Forrester Wave report for Q3 2019 recognized Microsoft as a leader in enterprise BI platforms, where they received the highest score in the two categories of strategy and market presence.

Microsoft Power BI In Action

The influence of Microsoft Azure and Power BI is already being seen in the most remote locations of the world.

Founder of South African health solutions company Phulukisa, Dr. Raymond Campbell, has partnered with Microsoft and Power BI to help deliver expert healthcare to the most remote villages in South Africa.

The people who live in these rural areas do not have access to the quality healthcare that they need because they would have to travel great distances to receive the help they need.

His solution: a cloud-enabled backpack that field doctors can take into remote areas across South Africa and use to screen patients for common diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes, and heart disease. The data is then collected and uploaded to MySQL database in Azure, and the results are pushed back into Microsoft Power BI and delivered to doctors on the ground–all within a matter of minutes.

It would have taken a week or more to get the same results before Microsoft and Phulukisa teamed up, if they were able to get help at all.

In partnering with Microsoft and Power BI Dr. Campbell was able to create solutions that would have never been possible before. Now they are able to help more people, operate more efficiently, and reach their goals in ways that would have never been possible.

BI is not going to go away. Using our data to our advantage is becoming the norm and it’s going to stay that way. By teaming up with the right people, and using the right tools, it can become possible for people to accomplish extraordinary things.