Want to understand if a new piece of software makes sense for your business? Need to brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills? Need advice about which smart phones your company should invest in for its employees? Want to know if a cloud based solution is better than an on-premise solution? Confused about why your calendars and contacts won’t work on all mail clients?

ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services of San Antonio, a managed services provider (MSP) can help your company learn and make informed decisions about which hardware to purchase, which software to deploy, and what technology training employees are going to need. At ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services of San Antonio we provide free brush up classes on software like Microsoft Excel, new client orientations, free whitepapers new hardware and software, and seminars on technology trends that are going to impact your business.

At ENTRUST Technology Consultants of San Antonio we focus on helping you to understand as much as you can about your technology platform. We have even set up a unit called ENTRUST Labs, where we can look at a new piece of software or a new device, put it through the paces in testing, and figure out various configuration and customizations.

Many times software packages come with a trial period. We can help you use these trial periods to see whether or not the software package that you have identified is compatible with your existing technology platform and how that particular software package can be modified to your work processes.

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