Everyone who runs a business has been told to use their business data smarter. Yet, many organizations still don’t use their data to its full potential. It’s common for many businesses to use their data for yearly planning or monthly reviews, but they miss the biggest opportunities that can be created with Power BI. A major reason for this is that many organizations simply aren’t aware of how real-time visualization of data can produce actionable insights that can be used every day, or even how to make such capabilities a reality. There is fundamental piece missing between understanding the importance of BI and machine learning, and how to utilize the data to help your specific business.

Microsoft Azure and Power BI are tools that can benefit any business– not just large corporations. Akiyoshi Shinobu, a waitress at Ebiya restaurant in Ise, took control of her business by self-enrolling in a computer school and learning about business data. She passion and commitment to her goals drove her to learn about machine learning and AI. She noticed that customers needs changed by the seasons, and the time of day. This drove her to create an AI network that could help produce a variety of data that could help the restaurant make smarter choices. Her immediate goal was to visualize the data generated by customer visits in order to improve the dining experience, deliver better service, and reduce food waste by the restaurant.

“I build an AI system and learned how to use Power BI by teaching myself and hands-on experience,” Shinobu says. “By using artificial intelligence with Power BI we can visualize our customer’s visit, prepare orders quicker, reduce food waste, and greatly improve customer satisfaction.”Shinobu’s journey into artificial intelligence started with a self-taught journey and the purchase of a computer textbook. Now, her AI system is so well respected that other restaurants in the area, and larger food service companies, have called upon her for help developing their own systems.

Data visualization is a powerful tool. Integrating Power Bi into any business can help identify areas that can be improved upon. Power BI Service is a tool that anyone can learn, and the insights gained from an integrated data model can bolster a businesses performance. Business data and Microsoft Power BI are becoming necessary assets to business owners who desire to make smarter choices.

The ability to specifically identify data sets and make informed decisions can set a business on the right track. Interactive reports and data visualizations make it easier to tell what happening in your business every day, week, and year.

Powering your business with Microsoft Azure and Power BI will give you an edge over the competition. We can see from Shinobu’s journey from tech novice to respected AI developer that business data visualization and integration is within reach for anyone. All it takes it the desire to use the tools at your disposal!