Kapersky Lab, a Russian security company, recently announced that its systems had identified nearly 23,000 new virus and malware threats on phones since the beginning of 2013. Kapersky Lab also said that the number of threats identified through May of this year was double the number of threats identified for all of 2012. Ninety-nine percent of all of the attacks are targeted at the android platform.

The most frequent attack identified by Kapersky is what is known as a Trojan SMS. A Trojan SMS generally makes its ways onto a smart phone when the phone’s user downloads an infected application. The virus then accesses either the phone’s calling or text message functions and starts trying to connect with premium text services and/or expensive premium phone numbers owned by the hackers.

The implications of this outbreak are clear: businesses should move to secure all of their computers and devices. Mobile device management for business involves securing company networks, deploying anti-virus and malware software, whitelisting, and most importantly putting in place policies and procedures for employees about what applications can be downloaded onto their phones.

In addition to the Trojan SMS problem, the federal government recently warned companies about sponsored hacking and corporate espionage emanating from China. Companies with proprietary data, inventions, or other sensitive information should take immediate steps to secure their data. At Entrust Technology Consultants of San Antonio we can help your company develop a strategy for managing mobile devices. Whether your company owns the devices or allows devices to be used inside the company’s networks, Entrust can work with your team to put a security program in place.