Everyone is already using cloud solutions. Web-based email, Google Docs and social media are all cloud technologies. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to use it. The real question should be: is your business taking full advantage of the cloud?

Are all your company departments using it?

Cloud computing is not just an add-on for your IT department. It’s meant to reduce costs and provide more flexibility for all your company’s internal departments. Your cloud computing strategy should lay out a plan to move most or all operations into the cloud.

Are all your files backed up?

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud is the peace of mind from knowing that all your critical data can be restored in case of a mishap. Make sure that you’re regularly backing up all your files.

Put your IT staff to better use

As your company migrates into the cloud, the role of your IT department will change. They will no longer be needed to manage data or keep in-house servers operating. They can be reallocated toward core business tasks. Eventually, as your business moves more computing needs into the cloud, your IT department may become an unnecessary cost.

Give your employees more mobility

Cloud solutions offer your team access to most or all of your company data and software platforms from any place that has an internet connection. Employees will have greater schedule flexibility and they’ll be available in emergencies. Working from home also reduces the costs of providing office space.

Before making the move, plan for the whole integration process

Many companies underestimate how complicated it can be to try and move all departments into the cloud at once. Develop a plan to accomplish this feat in stages while maintaining security and preventing downtime.