Last year during Hurricane Sandy, an insurance firm in New Orleans email services went down for a week. Because they believed that their Exchange Server was safe and sound at a data center in the Northeast they never anticipated a problem. It turns out that their provider only had one data center serving email and was not prepared to bring up another machine in another location. Ironically the firm had decided post Katrina to move their email to the “cloud.” The problem is that the firm didn’t realize that their email was really only a hosted solution on a single server in a single data center in a location that, much like New Orleans could be shut down by a storm. Needless to say the firm was not happy.

Email is the number one form of communication for business. The average office worker spends 28% of their time in front of their email client. For many businesses the loss of email for even a few hours could be extremely costly. The management of enterprise email is not easy. Recent email outages have happened at the hands of major cloud providers. These outages have proven that email servers can be vulnerable in the event of an attack or disaster. That is why it is important for your business to consider whether or not they should migrate their email to a cloud service (and if they do make that decision what redundancies and uptime are promised by that service).

Another important factor when deciding whether or not to move email and related services to the cloud is what type of support will be available. Does you business need help configuring email clients and phones? Do you need specific security provisions because you are dealing with sensitive data? Entrust Technology Consultants of San Antonio can help you plan the future of your email, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Give us a call today because making sure you have the right plan for your business is what Entrust is here to help you do.