HS“It would be difficult to overstate the confidence we have in Mitch Sowards and Entrust, and the degree to which we rely on them. Our history goes back over 15 years, and I can truly state that in all that time, Mitch has never let us down. Our business has expanded dramatically, and Mitch has been with us every step of the way providing technical guidance and support in the selection and installation of new hardware and software. I have always appreciated the balanced, in depth approach Mitch takes to the new technological issues we face. His advice goes beyond computers, and encompasses the full range of issues we deal with: telecommunications, internet, video teleconference, etc. But the greatest tribute I can pay to Mitch’s work is to say that I actually sleep better at night, knowing that we can rely on his support and advice on backup and preventive maintenance. I will be glad to provide further details on request.”

John R. Heard
Heard & Smith, LLP