Keeping all your programs up to date can be a hassle. However, it is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your computer and your data safe. Hackers are constantly looking for backdoors and other ways into peoples computers. One of the main tactics used by hackers is to look for those who are using outdated software. 

Software companies are fighting an unending war to make sure that the programs they provide are secure and safe. However, on the other side are the hackers who are digging through code like there is no tomorrow to find ways to worm into people’s systems. The software companies are constantly releasing patches to fix the vulerabilites they find.

For those who don’t update their systems, these holes are fully known by hackers and are some of the first ways they try to gain access to a persons PC. Properly updated and patched systems close down these security holes, making a hackers job all that much more difficult. 

Properly updated software can even save a user from themselves. These updated programs can often keep a watch for potentially dangerous commands that come there way. When this happens, many are designed to stop immediately. This can stop a hacker in their tracks and make the user aware that something malicious was attempted. Often these alerts will also include links to software updates to make sure the attack can’t happen again.

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