Your Office: Three Ways to Go Geen Today


Companies across the country are joining the green energy revolution, proving that it’s not just a passing fad. There’s real money to be had in the form of energy savings. By default, our devices, our appliances and even our buildings are energy hogs. Put these three steps into action to get in on the savings. 

Take Advantage of Power Saving Settings 

Most computers these days—and even many appliances—come with settings that enable you to control how much power they use. Many laptops, for instance, allow you to shut off non essential components to save power. You simply create energy profiles for different usage scenarios. If you know that you won’t be using Wi-Fi, you could create a profile with your wireless networking card disabled. Naturally, you’ll want to check with your tech team before making changes to ensure that you don’t interrupt any essential operations. 

Ditch the Paper 

Everyone knows that a paperless office is the wave of the future, but up until now it’s been a pain to implement. Computers crash, scanners break and hard drives die. Yet with the advent of scanners like the ScanSnap that can provide you with a crystal clear digital replica of any document, and services like DropBox that allow you to securely store documents in the cloud, it’s easier than ever before to lessen your dependency on paper. In fact, with the high efficiency scanners available today, it’s entirely feasible to implement a document scanning policy. Scan receipts, memos, invoices, contracts and then upload them to the cloud. Pay your bills online and store the receipt on a remote server. You can even automate this process for maximum productivity. 

Off-Site Data Storage

Cloud-based data storage solutions offer an affordable way to remove all of the clutter from your office. Once in the cloud, your documents are protected by state-of-the-art data protection protocols and multiple server backups. It is virtually impossible for your data to become lost or stolen if you deal with a reputable data-storage company. You can also extend this concept to your fax machines. There are numerous affordable services that will securely shuttle incoming and outgoing faxes through cyberspace.