How Computer Help in San Antonio Can Make Old Software Work


Windows XP is the most prevalent operating system on the Earth, yet Microsoft recently stated that it has reached its end of life. This means that no more updates will be released for the operating system that an estimated 500 million computers use.

Of those numbers, many of those computers belong to businesses. It’s the operating system that banks, retail stores and office environments use in their everyday operations.

While you may not be using an operating system that will require you to upgrade your hardware and software, you will eventually be faced with agonizing and difficult situations like this. You may have already faced such occurrences when you needed to upgrade word processing software, business analytics software or any other type of program that you would find standard on the computers at your business.

The good news about this situation is that you don’t have to do it alone. Computer help in San Antonio is available in the form of managed IT services that can help your business maintain the latest versions of software.

Due to their expertise in the upgrade and maintenance process, they’re able to install the latest versions of software that you purchase with minimal loss in settings and files. They’re also able to help you set up things like virtual machines, which will allow you to run an operating system within another operating system to allow you to access old versions of programs that may not be compatible with newer operating system environments.

Computer help in San Antonio will allow your business to continue to run smoothly while minimizing the amount of time your employees spend idle due to updating software to starting from scratch because your employees can’t use new versions of software that you’ve spent precious time and money to install with files saved by older versions.