Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual version of a computer-related object, including computer hardware, storage devices, networks, and applications. This process is the best way to increase efficiency and reduce IT expenses for businesses.

Entrust Technologies, an IT firm based in San Antonio, offers virtualization services to local businesses via a cloud server. With encrypted cloud-based server space, clients can easily upload, view, and edit proprietary files. Clients can also use cloud applications for their data entry, payroll, and other computerized tasks. The benefit of using virtual storage is that businesses don’t have to invest in large servers to run their businesses anymore. For a monthly fee, businesses can store and use vast amounts of files and programs via the IT provider’s cloud.

Additionally, this company provides all IT services and manages the networks of its clients. The support professionals at Entrust Technologies are available 24 hours a day to help the clients with any IT issue. The company offers safe and secure data backups so that businesses will never lose their important data, and internet security to protect them from hackers and viruses. With Entrust Technologies, businesses in San Antonio can be more productive, efficient and safe.