Data backup solutions are an important issue for businesses. Every day there is more data that needs to be stored and protected. Down time is costly to companies and their customers.

Data Loss

Data backup is needed in case of:

  • Human error
  • Natural disasters
  • Hackers
  • Power outages
  • Loss
  • Crash

The backup system must be able to save and restore the data. Businesses depend on data recovery to run efficiently.


Time spent retrieving data can be expensive. The longer the system is down, the more taxing it is on the company. There are certain essentials that every company should follow for maximum protection.

Modern Technology

Modern technology combined with smart devices requires a recovery solution that is being continually updated. These upgrades ensure that the business data backup system is capable of staying current. Cloud computing is an absolute necessity for data storage. The infinite capabilities of the cloud provide businesses the storage they need.

Cost Savings

Businesses around the world are seeing a significant cost savings by using ENTRUST Technology. They offer companies an affordable data storage solution. Their backup and recovery system provides businesses with the confidence they need. Time is money and it should not be wasted trying to control all the data from within.

Onsite or Offsite

ENTRUST Technology options include both onsite and offsite data storage. The data can be stored locally or in a secure offsite location. Their electronic data storage is accessed through a hardware firewall that uses an encryption key and VPN software.


The main objective of ENTRUST Technology is to provide businesses with the necessary protection they need for their data. Fast recovery times help businesses save money and keep on track. ENTRUST can be trusted to get things back on line even after a disaster strikes. Nearly any sized business will benefit from all that that ENTRUST Technology has to offer. Data is safer than ever before with ENTRUST.