Entrust joins North San Antonio Chamber for 2017 CIO Panel

Brandon Blake Uncategorized

This year, ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services joins the North San Antonio Chamber’s 2017 CIO Panel.  Come join local CIOs as they discuss technology trends especially relevant to our companies in 2017.  Finally jump those tech hurdles that have bothered you.  And, learn what others in the area are doing.

Topics Include

Topics for this year’s CIO Panel include IT Innovation, Digital Disruption and Strategic Planning.  Find ways to leverage new technologies to help your business’ work together better and get more done.  So, join us Thursday, April 13, 2017 at the Norris Conference Center.

Trailer below…

2017 CIO Panel: IT Innovation, Digital Disruption and Strategic Planning from Video Production Group at UTSA on Vimeo.