Managed Services

ENTRUST Managed Services (EMS) packages are designed to keep your IT infrastructure operational and fully maintained to ensure the highest level of network availability. EMS achieves this goal by focusing on reducing downtime, securing your network, preventing failures, and providing focused technical support. EMS packages contain the elements to make your IT dependable and predictable. Whether you have no current computer support or a dedicated IT team; EMS packages are customizable to fit your specific needs.

Network Assessments

In today’s volatile business world because of growing economies, changing technologies, and increased security threats most companies’ network infrastructures have grown and changed quickly out of necessity and demand. As a result, most organizations do not have a full understanding of their network components, how they are integrated, and where issues are stemming from.

As a remedy, ENTRUST offers networks assessments which fully document and analyze your network environment. Our network assessment will provide you with a full analysis of your entire network hardware (down to chip level) and software (down to license level).

The network assessment will also provide a full write-up and analysis of configurations (stable and incorrect), existing bottlenecks, current issues, and potential failures.

The ENTRUST network assessment will not only provide you with the information on your current state but a roadmap for your technology future. Our assessments provide you with detailed plans and suggestions for your technology based on your current needs and growth projections. Our networks assessments provide you with the information to know what you have, where you are, why you’re there, and how to go on.

Offsite Backup

ENTRUST offers data backup which provides low-cost integrated onsite and offsite electronic data storage. Data is stored locally in a pre-configured business continuity device which will reside on the internal network and be configured for a single purpose: to house data efficiently without the overhead and complexity of general-purpose servers. Data will also be housed offsite in a Secure Class-A Data Center. Your data will be protected from the outside world by a sophisticated hardware firewall accessible only by using the supplied VPN software and unique encryption key.

Disaster Recovery

ENTRUST offers disaster recovery. In any type of disaster, both the applications and the data critical to the business can be restored. ENTRUST’s offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions are priced for small and medium-sized businesses and are structured to help them survive disasters.

Secure File Transfer

ENTRUST offers web-based encrypted file transfer services to its clients providing a secure system for exchanging files. Send files and entire folders of any type or size to clients, customers, partners, vendors and users in other locations without email limitation or FTP administration.  Clients, customers, partners, vendors and internal users in other locations can easily send files and folders back via a custom branded site. Create secure portals and repositories for projects, archives, and minimize the need to repeatedly send frequently requested information saving your email systems.

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