IT Stabilization Projects

Whether you are seeking to replace failing components, reconfigure your infrastructure, or upgrade outdated equipment, ENTRUST is here to help. ENTRUST will provide you with a detailed proposal of the projects necessary to stabilize your network. ENTRUST’s certified-professional consultants provide expert service to every project.

On-Call Support

Because needs and issues can arise with any network at any time, on-call support is always available to ENTRUST clients. On-call support is available to handle minor issues such as desktop configuration up to major catastrophes such as server failures.

ENTRUST offers a dedicated support hotline with built-in procedures and escalations for on-call routine and urgent support. Reduced rates for on-call support are also available to ENTRUST’s clients. Reduced rate hours are available for general technology consulting services, projects, or emergency services.

Hardware, Software, & Licensing Procurement

As a value-add service, ENTRUST offers hardware, software, and licensing procurement. ENTRUST has partner relationships with brand name hardware and software companies and is able to leverage that partnership to bring procurement as an added service to our clients. ENTRUST partners with brand name corporations to bring top quality products backed by guarantees and service level agreements. Whether purchasing through ENTRUST or on your own, ENTRUST will provide you the specifications for your hardware and software. ENTRUST also offers licensing management to keep you current and protected.

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