Electronic Signature Technology 

As a business owner, you want your business to be as efficient as possible while you give your clients the best service. IT is a key part of how your business operates and maintains. One tech improvement you can make if you haven’t done so is to switch to electronic signatures. With this process you’ll be able to simplify the task of obtaining signatures, also expediting the contract process and doing all of this in a seamless way. With the passage of the federal ESIGN act signed in 2000 by President Bill Clinton, properly managed electronic signatures were considered legally equivalent to “wet ink” signatures. 

Electronically signed documents are actually safer than their paper counterparts because not only do they contain more information about who signed but they are protected from unauthorized tampering, which isn’t really possible with paper signatures. Since paper transactions are so easily stolen, lost, or forged, most ID theft happens with them. Electronic documents and records on the other hand are stored and encrypted securely online. 

One of the best parts about e-signature is that many e-signature platforms integrate with business tools you already use, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and more. When seeking a platform provider, ask for a list of the compatible products it can integrate with. Another benefit is saved time. Many businesses have come to the reality that it can take up to a week or more to get a document signed and return. E-signature can cut this process down to minutes.