emailencPrivacy and Compliance

Email has become one of the primary tools used in the business environment. Sensitive data is continually being sent over intranets, the internet, and now via wireless communications. Remember Email by default is transmitted as plain text and can be viewed very easily by anyone with the knowledge and desire to spy into your communications. Protect your data, your sensitive communication, and your client’s information with an additional layer of security. Email encryption protects the data the whole way from your Outbox to the recipient’s Inbox. Prying eyes cannot penetrate anywhere along the way.

  • Reduce Risk of Data Exposure
  • Easy to Use for Recipients and Senders
  • No Additional Equipment Needed
  • Meets Regulatory Compliance
  • Seamless Delivery
  • No Encryption Key Management
  • Convenient Policy Based
  • Encryption
  • Low Per User Pricing