Ensuring That Security Breaches Don’t Come From Inside Your Network

The difficult economy has resulted in many businesses having to let some employees go. The workforce is smaller now than it ever was. This means that each individual employee has more information under their thumb. Sensitive information is being traded and leaked between employees more often for this reason. It’s not always on purpose, but it is certainly a problem. Lack of information, software and precautionary measures are the leading causes of internal security threats in American businesses.

The best way to prevent against internal security threats in your business is to start with early prevention. You can set up internet filtering services with the help of your IT service provider. These will not allow access to websites that are not business-related, and it will result in less secure information being leaked accidentally through the web. It will also help keep employees more on task. When a security breech does occur, business leaders need to know it has happened. This is why security alerts are also very important. A tough security alert system will notify IT immediately when information has been leaked.

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