Today’s modern workplace not only allows people to work from home during this crisis, but also allows for scalability and innovation, while also reducing cost, boosting collaboration, and helping employees be more productive than ever.

However, this environment also comes with the risk of data privacy breaches. Sharing your data without the right level of protection can cause a catastrophic security breach.

Take these steps right now to ensure the data you share stays secure.

Adopt a Security First Mindset

With everyone working from home on their home networks, the network security perimeter has mostly disappeared.

Train your employees to be mindful of information security and update them on current cyber threats. Knowledgeable staff and a multi-layered defense will reduce the chances of a breach from unauthorized file sharing.

Use Business Grade File Sharing Solutions

Businesses frequently use email to communicate and share documents. They use consumer-grade file-sharing services to circumvent the size limitations of email, but they leave themselves vulnerable in doing so.

Find a business-grade file-sharing service that provides the security features you need, such as access controls and expiring file access.

Set Up Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are a huge source of headaches for IT security staff. Use mobile device management (or MDM) solutions to help you gain more control of mobile security.

Set your MDM to limit a device’s access based on what your employees need to do their jobs correctly.

You should also enable remote lock and remote wipe for every mobile device you will use for business purposes. If the device gets stolen, you can mitigate the damage and stop the criminals from abusing the data on these devices.

Train Your Users on File Sharing Protocols

Make sure your users understand the different types of information, the sensitivities of each type, and the risks of mishandling sensitive data.

Your employees need to understand what they can and cannot share outside of the business, as well as how to securely share data with external parties. If you have a secure service in place, be sure your employees use it.

Make Sure Your Business Solutions Are Easy to Use

A robust security system does no good if it’s too confusing for your employees to use. Use business file sharing solutions that are as intuitive as their consumer-grade counterparts. This ease of use will ensure that they continue to use these services and keep your data secure.

Take These Steps to Share Your Data Securely Today

The proper data sharing protocols must be implemented right from the start to ensure the security of your data. Take action on these steps to secure your shared data and make sure it stays in the right hands.