ENTRUST offers data backup and data recovery services in San Antonio, Texas. Our expert technicians recover lost data from internal and external hard drives and RAID or server devices. We conduct data recovery from devices such as laptop and desktop computers including Windows PCs, Linux systems, Macs and other computer devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and digital cameras that have NTFS, FAT, UFS, and HFS file systems. Our data recovery technicians work with our clients to understand and diagnose your device failure and provide a solution that has the highest probability of success.

We provide our services in any kind of data related disaster including application and critical data loss. We offer recovery solutions for both small and medium sized businesses that are priced appropriately to accommodate everyone.

There is no sure way to avoid critical data loss in an organization. Often, critical files, software corruption and even hard drive failure can occur. We have expertise in all areas of data recovery including recovering data from formatted hard drives, removing hard disk locks and passwords and any deleted data. Whenever a data-related disaster occurs, you should always turn off your device, make a detailed note of what could have caused the device failure or data loss, and then call our technical team.

We work hard to provide the best data recovery solutions in the San Antonio area. We also provide data backup solutions that ensure that your sensitive data is safe from device failures before they happen. Data is locally stored in a device residing on the internal network configured for a sole purpose: to efficiently house data without the complexity and overhead that comes with general purpose servers.