Any business person would be thrilled to work with big brands like Taco Bell, large hotel chains, and national banking industries. But data analyst Otto Knoke has transformed many industries across Guatemala, all after being diagnosed with ALS also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

He is proudly known as “The Oldest Nerd in Guatemala” and he has been a fixture in the Guatemalan business community for nearly 2 decades. He revolutionized the banking industry by helping introduce ATMs to Guatemala and helped shape the banking industry in his home country. However, many weren’t sure what would happen after he was diagnosed with a disease that was estimated to leave him only a couple of years to live.

Otto went on a relentless search to find a way to keep doing what he loved through the trials that he found himself in. He eventually was able to connect with a Microsoft Windows Insider through a blog post that discussed new and exciting ways that Microsoft was helping people with physical limitations continue to work.

This includes tools like foot pedals to move the mouse that made it possible for Otto to navigate on his own.

Today, some two decades later, Knoke has become the first person in Guatemala to use Microsoft’s new eye-tracking software for Windows 10, called Eye Control, enabling him to literally type with his eyes and use Microsoft Power BI to analyze his clients’ business data.

Businesses like Taco Bell have been growing exponentially in Guatemala and Otto is still on the forefront of data analytics for these growing industries.

“We have millions of transactions in our servers and in the cloud,” says General Manager of Taco Bell Guatemala Mario Ibarguen. “Otto showed the perfect tool for us to manage all this information.”

Otto has also helped hospitality and hotel industries compare their data against competitors to find prices that will work the best.

For Knoke, who has always been a tech early adopter, this revolutionary Microsoft technology has not only helped his business continue to boom, but more important, it’s enabled him to communicate more meaningfully with his loved ones and strengthen those relationships.

These programs offered by Microsoft are compatible with other features in the Microsoft Suite including Office, Excel, Power BI, and even WhatsApp. The eye tracking helped give Otto a more efficient way to work and allowed him to fluidly work with clients.

Features like eye tracking are a very good example of the vision of Microsoft which is to build software for better life in the future.