4.5 million invoices per year is a lot. That’s why @ThomsonReuters automated their system with @SQL. You don’t need a big IT team to simplify and secure your business. ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services can help.

The most important benefit for your organization should be the tremendous boon to security. Thomson Reuters needed to create a system that automated their invoice processing. They needed to create a scalable cloud infrastructure capable of keeping their e-billing system safe. With millions of invoices per year, it made sense to streamline communication and advance their business to the next level. With tools like Azure SQL and Machine Learning, they automated and secured their e-billing system.

While your business may not have the same resources, you should be doing the same thing. If you’re wondering how, you need to contact ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services. We help businesses just like yours to make forward progress in the digital age. Contact us to find out how we can help.