Every student deserves the same access to information as their peers. Check out this video to learn how the Rochester Institute of Technology is using AI to make this a reality for their students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

As the largest mainstream program in the world, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity to those who have struggled against auditory barriers to learning. One of nine Rochester Institute of Technology colleges, The NTID is using AI technology such as Microsoft Translator, in combination with their extensive interpretive services, to provide quality education to all students, even those with different learning needs. NTID is showing us that when technology is combined with determination and ingenuity, anything becomes possible.
But even at their current size and resources, NTID struggles to keep up with the demand for their services. To increase their reach and impact, NTID turned to Microsoft Translator. Using AI technology, Microsoft Translator can accurately process communication in real time and allow all students the same access to information, regardless of their hearing abilities.
Check out this video to learn more about their incredible journey and impact.