@Puma needed a solution that could bring their 7500 workers to the cloud. They now have the tools to enable collaboration within their team, creating a modern digital workplace.

Puma is one of the world’s largest sports brands. That success doesn’t just apply to their apparel, it applies to their IT infrastructure, as well. In order to enable fast communication, Puma needed a cloud solution that could be easily integrated into their existing system. Puma is modernizing its workplace with a suite of tools that their employees are already familiar with–Microsoft 365. At ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services, we can help you do the same with a suite of solutions from Microsoft. We’ll help you integrate those solutions to keep the speed and ease of communication going in an otherwise chaotic time.

While it seems like a no brainer, the process to change your entire IT infrastructure can be complicated. That’s why ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services is here to help. We have the resources, experience, and knowledge needed to help you with your cloud integration. Contact us for more information.