With a growing need for security, @Allscripts moved their enterprise to over 1,000 VMs with @Azure. They got their applications up and running in 3 weeks vs. 3 months. That’s the power of Azure.

Having a reliable and secure IT service provider was more than acquiring 1,000 VMs needed to run the show. Allscripts, a leading healthcare software manufacturer, needs to host its applications securely and reliably. After acquiring two companies in 2017,  they brought on Microsoft Azure, to ensure their new datacenter assets had a home fast.

In just three weeks, Allscripts lifted and shifted dozens of applications running on 1,000 virtual machines to Azure. With their data backed up by Azure SQL Database, Allscripts is ready for their digital future. The reliability of built-in disaster recovery protections means Allscripts doesn’t have to worry about losing their data.

Your business can do the same. If you have any interest in a secure and reliable IT service provider, join with ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services and Microsoft to bring your organization to the next level.