(This article comes from a newsletter we sent to potential clients over the last year or so, the information was current when the newsletter was published, but may be slightly dated if you are reading this for the first time today.)

The Top Ten Reasons You Need

A Customer Advocate

By Mitchell R. Sowards 


Here is an age-old IT dilemma:  the philosophical question of whether or not every customer should have one designated technician assigned to them or always simply dispatch the first available qualified technician. On the plus side, a designated technician presumably will remain deeply knowledgeable about their assigned customers because they have performed all or almost all of that customer’s work and hopefully will then always deliver the best services in the shortest amount of time. On the negative side, when a need arises customers often must wait for their designated technician to be available instead of receiving the promptest service from any qualified technician. Another negative is that when a “designated technician” leaves the computer support firm, all of their unique knowledge leaves with them.  Typically you can’t have it both ways – deep knowledge and promptest service.  So, how do you solve this quandary?  Here is how.


The answer is a “Customer Advocate”

Instead of a “designated technician” who is expected to fulfill all of a customer’s needs, you need a “Customer Advocate” instead.  A CA’s overall purpose is to be the one person within the company “looking out” for their assigned customers.  But a Customer Advocate is a senior technician, not just some “customer service rep” without any technical skills or responsibilities.  The CA, a skilled technician with a mandate for and empowered for customer service, supported by a team of qualified colleagues able to respond promptly gives customers the best of both worlds.  So, without further ado, here are 10 great things about Customer Advocates (CA).


Ten Great Things About Customer Advocates

10. A CA should remain deeply in touch with their assigned customers.   This ensures that every customer has at least one consultant who is deeply knowledgeable about everything that happens on their account. 

9. A CA should remain in touch by reviewing every single service request for their customers before they are billed for any services.

8. A CA should ensure that their assigned customers are billed correctly and appropriately for all service requests and that service ticket details are clear and correct.

7. A CA is responsible for making sure that their assigned customers are happy and satisfied with their IT services.

6. But CAs should not necessarily perform all or almost all work for assigned customers.  This avoids being overly at risk for unique knowledge being lost if a CA leaves for greener pastures.

5. CAs should be a knowledgeable resource for all other technicians but do NOT personally manage work activities for the customer.  This ensures cross-training and knowledge transfer and prompt response to service requests.

4. With access to a CA, the first available qualified technician can be dispatched to promptly address customer needs even when the CA is not available.

3. A CA can be available for technology planning based on their in depth knowledge.

2. A CA can advise and assist customers with making purchasing decisions.




1. CAs should perform all of their tasks for you at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  You should get the services of your CA as an included benefit of doing business with your IT service company!

Naturally, there are a whole host of Frequently Asked Questions about how exactly a Customer Advocate does their job and how they interact with their customers.  Designating Customer Advocates is not as easy as pulling names out of a hat and “remaining deeply in touch” does not happen by magic!  It takes a team of dedicated individuals committed to working together with carefully thought out processes.  And we consider those special techniques and processes to be part of ENTRUST’s “secret sauce”.  So I won’t discuss them further here.  But if you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from the ENTRUST Customer Advocate system, we would love to hear from you.

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