Your salesforce can use the powerful combination of #MicrosoftTeams, #Dynamics365 and #PowerBI to dig out connections that can close deals. Learn more from ENTRUST Technology Consulting Servic#Engage your distributed workforce with insights from Kim DeLine, COO for live streaming company Elevate K-12. Keep those communication lines open and foster a shared corporate #culture with ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services and #MicrosoftTeams.

Teams in today’s modern workplace are often multi-office or even multi-continent affairs. As a result, team cohesion can challenge the best managers. In this Forbes article, “Creating world-class collaboration in a global team,” learn how Kim DeLine, the COO for Elevate K-12, engages a distributed workforce in her role at the leading live streaming company in the education field.

“Create a culture of empathy,” says Kim DeLine, COO for live streaming company Elevate K-12. Check out this Forbes article where she shares successful strategies on getting along, building engagement, and celebrating differences in your distributed workforce.

With Microsoft Teams, you can connect across geographical and organization boundaries, run status updates and team-building with remote workers via a cloud-based meeting solution, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing. Microsoft Teams provides a single solution to connect across geographic and organizational boundaries. You have tools to communicate internal announcements, hold online meetings, and foster that culture of learning and shared knowledge that gets results.

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See how important it is to explain the “why” with a multi-cultural office and encourage an understanding of purpose during times of change.

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