Blog-Tips For Creating A Strong Password

The purpose of a password is to keep your accounts secure. However, accounts are being compromised every day because of hackers. One of the keys to preventing hackers is to create a strong password. Below are some tips that will help you create a strong password:

Long Password

It is much easier to guess a short password than it is to guess a long one. That is why experts recommend that your password be at least eight characters long. You may also want to add some numbers and symbols to your password. It will be even more difficult for people to guess your password if there are numbers and symbols in it.

Regularly Change Your Password

Many people keep the same password for months without changing it. Experts recommend that you change the password every two to three months. You also want to make sure that you avoid using the same passwords for different websites. Using the same passwords makes things easier for hackers.

Do Not Give Out Your Passwords

This may seem like a common sense practice, but it needs to be mentioned. Many people will give out their passwords to friends or office mates. If you need to give out of your password to one of your co-workers for any reason, then you should make sure that you change it as soon as you can.