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Short Message: How many logins stand between you and a productive workday? The correct answer is: too many. Read this infographic to learn how #MicrosoftTeams can integrate your entire business.

Post: Microsoft Teams helps businesses become more efficient by enabling improved collaboration, horizontal work methods, and organized, easily accessible information. It also helps them to accelerate decision making by sharing information in the moment and with context, empowering people to quickly make well-informed choice

How many times has this happened to you? You want to contact someone in your office (say the marketing department) so you log on to your computer, then log on to your email and send them a message. Then, you aren’t hearing back from them in a timely manner so you open another messenger platform and log on to that. Then you send a message through that messenger and wait for a response.

However, at the same time you realize that your question for marketing reminds you that you have a similar question for Phil in accounting about mileage reimbursement. However, he does not like to use the first messenger that you pulled up and he is notoriously bad at answering emails. So then you pull up a third messaging platform that you think Phil uses more often to shoot an email to him.

Then, you get an email from Cindy in HR about an upcoming meeting, but you have to use your 2FA login to access your work emails. Now you have 3-4 different messaging platforms open that you have to switch between in order to get a couple answers to simple questions that would only take a second or two to answer.

It may sound ridiculous but thousands of workers encounter this type of scenario everyday. This is what happens when organizations do not have a single, unified digital workspace. People become disorganized and things slip through the cracks as people try their best to keep everything in line.
This is a confusing and unnecessarily difficult organizational strategy. The best approach is to use tools offered by services like Microsoft Teams to empower teams and create a hub for all documents and projects for optimized collaboration.

Every department can benefit from a more streamlined approach to collaboration and we can see that this will ultimately help everyone involved.

Human Resources:

  • Communicate seamlessly across all departments to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Manage and create meetings with current employees or potential candidates. Share recruitment information with correct departments and collaborate about best ways to move forward


  • Communicate with the home office while on sales calls
  • Deliver real time updates on customer cases
  • Stay connected while on sales calls to remote destinations


  • Create a creative hub where ideas can grow
  • Work together to evolve ideas into revenue generating initiatives
  • Stay connected to evolutions in development from other departments and prepare for future projects that may soon go to market


  • Benefit from increased security that allows them to access their information safely from anywhere in the world
  • Work with integrated tools to allow more seamless workflow


  • Manage and communicate with stakeholders
  • Watch tools, budgets, and reviews from a variety of departments without complication
  • Increased ability to work together is always a benefit.

All organizations should strive to eliminate confusion and redundant tasks if they wish to increase performance. Without the collaborative tools offered by Microsoft Teams you will have people wasting time, money, and losing efficiency with outdated procedures.