Compliance with industry and government standards is increasingly becoming a requirement for a software manufacturer or service provider to do business. This is the case in the healthcare, financial and criminal justice industries. Additionally, savvy clients demand compliance with standards even when it is not a legal requirement. It is difficult and also not worthwhile for software companies to develop the necessary expertise to get compliance certifications in their industry. They are better off outsourcing the compliance work to a specialist than developing the necessary expertise in house.

It is important to select the compliance expert carefully to save time and money. Errors or mistakes with compliance certifications lead to costly penalties, damage to the company’s reputation and loss of credibility with customers. So, the compliance expert needs to be able to execute projects flawlessly and on-time. They also have to be current on the latest changes in the compliance standards. In the case of firms doing business in multiple states and/or countries, they need to select a compliance specialist who has expertise with compliance requirements in all the states and countries that the firm conducts business in.

Entrust Technology is in the business of helping small and medium businesses thrive by improving their business processes by deploying appropriate technological solutions. Entrust Technology provides round the clock, quick responses to the technical challenges that their clients face. Entrust Technology interactions with their clients start off with a free review of their IT needs and assessment of the work required to address them. Entrust Technology expertise includes acquiring compliance certifications for their clients. Entrust Technology is dedicated to helping small and medium businesses in San Antonio to utilize technology for improving their business workflows and meet the necessary compliance standards.

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