3 Common Security Breaches

Hackers employ different tactics to breach the security of varied technological systems. Many businesses are finding it difficult to ensure optimal security of their computer and network systems. An effective way of securing your systems is by developing an understanding of the common security problems. 

Here are some common ways in which your security can be breached:

Downloading Malicious Software

It is one of the commonest ways of breaching a system’s security. Users are normally tricked into installing the malicious software. For instance, malware can be embedded in software that you download. When you download the software, the malware infects the system.

Physically Accessing Your Computer

In many cases, systems and networks are breached by someone who gains physical access to your computer. If you leave your computer on during lunch break, it is relatively simple to infect it with a USB device loaded with malware.

Compromising Your Password

Password is the primary defense against security breaches. Many people set weak passwords that are easy to guess. If a hacker accesses your account username and you use a weak password, then it’s only a matter of time before they gain access to your account. Some people keep similar passwords for different accounts. This puts all of your accounts at risk of breach if one of them is compromised.