Cloud Computing

How can cloud computing transform your business?

Reduce Risk

  • If you have a centralized infrastructure on your business premises today, then your operations are dependent upon that location. If the power goes out there, you are down.  If your internet connection there goes out, you are down.
  • If you have a disaster (fire, flood, lightning strike) at your premises, your entire organization is out of commission for a long period of time
  • Moving your primary infrastructure to a secure cloud location such as Microsoft Azure reduces these risks dramatically enabling your organization to be always on and always connected.
  • Check out our Cost of Downtime and Disaster calculators to see how much risk your on-premises infrastructure is exposing you to.


Enable more powerful anytime/anywhere productivity

  • Leveraging the strength of the cloud allows you to deploy advanced remote working environments at a very cost-effective price not really achievable with an on-premises installation.
  • Utilizing a fully cloud hosted environment allows you to seamlessly connect multiple remote locations and make each have the same connectivity as only “the main office” usually has in a traditional on-premises environment.
  • Traveling users such as sales agents or regional managers or home workers can be as connected as employees located at office locations.

Make your organization’s IT more agile

  • Need to grow your workforce for a big project?
  • Need to grow or shrink your workforce to meet seasonal needs?
  • Need to expand your processing or data storage capacity to accommodate a big job?

A cloud-hosted solution such as Microsoft Azure allows you to almost instantly accommodate any of the above dynamic needs.

Reduce Capital Spend

  • Why build an entire infrastructure to meet today’s needs and your “crystal ball” beliefs about tomorrow’s needs?
  • What happens if you underestimate tomorrow’s needs? How much impact to your organization will there be due to underperforming (overburdened) infrastructure?
  • Or what would you do with the dollars saved if you hadn’t spent them on more infrastructure than your needs really required?
  • One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is the ability to simply subscribe to the level of resources you need now (with the ability to constantly increase or decrease as needed) and avoid using a crystal ball to make large capital purchases of IT infrastructure.

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