Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
“It would be difficult to overstate the confidence we have in Mitch Sowards and Entrust, and the degree to which we rely on them. Our history goes back over 15 years, and I can truly state that in all that time, Mitch has never let us down. Our business has expanded dramatically, and Mitch has been with us every step of the way providing technical guidance and support in the selection and installation of new hardware and software. I have always appreciated the balanced, in depth approach Mitch takes to the new technological issues we face. His advice goes beyond computers, and encompasses the full range of issues we deal with: telecommunications, internet, video teleconference, etc. But the greatest tribute I can pay to Mitch’s work is to say that I actually sleep better at night, knowing that we can rely on his support and advice on backup and preventive maintenance. I will be glad to provide further details on request.”

John R. Heard
Heard & Smith, LLP

Client Testimonials
“If I ever end up in a foreign jail I’m not calling home – I’m calling ENTRUST Urgent Support because I am guaranteed a response!!  Here’s what happened:
It was an exhausting day yesterday and I called after hours support about a problem swapping the backup drive.  After leaving a message I tried the process again and it worked.  Unfortunately I had left my cell phone at home.  When I got home I found I had at least 4-5 messages from Ed trying to reach me!  When I got to the office the next day I also had a couple of message on my office voicemail from Ed. Just wanted you to know how diligent Ed was in trying to reach me – thanks for running a great shop!”

Sue Hassell
Hornberger, Sheehan, Fuller & Beiter

Client Testimonials

“IT outsourcing has been a widely discussed problem for the medium sized company. For such a company the technological challenges can be enormous, yet the typical budget does not allow for full-time, in-house IT support. After 15-years of various solutions, Entrust has been like a breath of oxygen for us. We have found that your pro-active approach to system issues has helped us anticipate issues before they become crippling. When the inevitable surprise arises, your response times and resolution skills have been excellent. We thank you for your service.”

Tim Swan

Metropolitan Contracting

Client Testimonials

“Computers are a necessary evil in the modern world…you can’t live with them, but you certainly can’t live without them! Mitch Sowards and The Entrust Gang have made our lives 200% better! We went through quite a few IT advisers until we met Mitch, and it was a lucky day. I can’t say that we never have problems…some of them are pretty unique and interesting…but Entrust has not met a problem that they have not remedied! I would highly recommend the entire group and would be happy to talk to you in person if you are considering working with Entrust.”

Susan H. Parrish

Parrish & Company, Inc.

Client Testimonials

“I cannot imagine “entrusting” our network to any other company. Entrust has taken care of all our IT needs for the past 8+ years and we have always been more than satisfied. The staff is knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough about their reliability and professionalism. We have never had a need they did not respond to. I am especially pleased with their Managed Services. Now I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our system is being monitored daily and upgraded routinely. This has really freed up my time so I can focus on the tasks where my contributions are most valuable.”

Jennifer Hacker

Vice President

Pipelayers Inc.

Client Testimonials
“After 33 years in business, there is reason to celebrate.  I can finally plan several vacations a year. Talented, trusted employees have always been capable of managing my business during my absence – but not until ENTRUST took over management of our IT function was the circle complete. I am free to travel because I have confidence that my talented people can remain focused on what they do so well. I relax in the knowledge that ENTRUST has developed a carefully planned IT system that is being proactively managed and monitored. Should any unexpected IT issue occur, ENTRUST will react to meet the challenge.”

Robert R. Burkey, CPA, President
Randall Burkey Co., Inc.

Client Testimonials

“The whole Entrust team takes pride in service and customer satisfaction, and it shows every time they come to our office or provide remote support. We operate with a small corporate staff, but we have locations around the world. We know that our offsite users can depend on being able to access our system whether they are here in the US, in the Middle East or Europe because the Entrust remote monitoring gives us peace of mind. It allows us to focus on our BUSINESS instead of our IT.”

Lori Gonzalez, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Selrico Services and affiliate

Client Testimonials
“We couldn’t function without you. Your customer service is exemplary and keeps us up and running….thanks to you and your crew, Mitch!”

Sam Planta

Client Testimonials

Touchstone Communities, Inc.