IT Services San Antonio

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As the world becomes more and more reliant on computers, network connectivity, and technology, having access to the appropriate IT support has never been more important. For those businesses in the San Antonio area, hiring a local IT firm could be very beneficial. For an affordable fixed monthly rate, an IT firm could provide a number of valuable services. One …

Here’s another one… phisherman are at it again

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DocuSign, a major player in the – please sign this digitally for me – space, has announced a data breach.  This breach has since led to a series of malware phishing attacks targeting it’s customers.  Now, the company stresses the breach as limited.  The data stolen was limited to name and email address, so if you use good click restraint, …

Ransomware Recovery San Antonio

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Nothing is more annoying than having a virus on your computer. Even more annoying is the recent crop of viruses that take over computers and hold them ransom for money. Hackers now have the ability to take control of computers for their information and demand money for their return. This can be a troubling and stressful time as many people …

WannaCry? Please don’t

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Dear ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services Customer,   You may have heard about the WannaCry Ransomware Virus.  News about this virus is literally everywhere. WannaCry is the current big malware scare.  The virus is mainly distributed through email phishing attacks where fake invoices, job offers and other “important messages” (i.e. bait) are being sent out to random email addresses. The problem lies with …

InnoTech San Antonio invite

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   ENTRUST Invites You to  InnoTech San Antonio   Join us for the 10th anniversary InnoTech San Antonio at a *NEW* location – the Norris Conference Center                                  April 12-13, 2017 This year will feature a two-day conference packed with great networking, education & more! Register for InnoTech Today      Registration is complimentary and we invite you to join us. CLICKHERE …

Is Google’s new security model a look into our future?

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Summary:  Google gets rid of their firewalls and gives us a new model for Security in our mobile world You have a traditional business IT infrastructure. Everyone lives in the same building and use the same, internal network.  You know where everyone is, what they need access to, and who is on your network.  You buy firewalls,  switches, and other …

North SA Chamber Offers Programming for Information Officers

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“San Antonio’s tech scene is in a state of tremendous growth. With the education and technology we are developing, the North SA Chamber knows that we need to play our part in the technology community,” – Bryan Guinn Bryan Guinn,  on growing tech industry in San Antonio as written in the Rivard Report.  Read full article here.