CareDesk® Support

Larger Organizations

ENTRUST can help larger organizations from either direction:

  • ENTRUST has highly skilled and certified specialists, engineers, and architects to help you with your business initiatives. So, whether you need to supplement your internal expertise or just your internal manpower and bandwidth, ENTRUST is here to help you hit your deadlines and produce top quality results.
  • ENTRUST can provide the responsive TierOne (and TierTwo or TierThree) tech support that your users need to allow your own high-end IT staff to spend their time focused on those business initiatives instead of changing passwords or fixing printers that won’t print!



ENTRUST can be your complete outsourced IT department for even enterprise-sized organizations.  Please check out our case study:  “Journey to IT Excellence”

Smaller Organizations

Smaller organizations might have a designated “IT liaison” or coordinator who has been tasked with taking care of the computers, and phones, and fax machines but whose “real” job is some other set of responsibilities within the firm. A slightly larger organization might have a dedicated “technology handyman (or woman)” who is full time dedicated to taking care of all of the technology “stuff” and providing deskside TLC for the other employees. But the technology handyman is probably not a trained IT professional and their skills and knowledge might be limited.

For such smaller organizations, the ENTRUST CareDesk® service can provide the end-to-end support, from helping every end user with instant service to helping the liaison or handyman pursue upgrade and enhancement projects. Our dedicated Proactive Services team will make sure that every system is secure, reliable, and optimized in tip-top shape all the time!

ENTRUST only accepts a few select new clients each year. We invite you to reserve your space now!