Business Continuity

OffSite Backup
ENTRUST offers data backup which provides low-cost integrated onsite and offsite electronic data storage. Data is stored locally in a pre-configured business continuity device which will reside on the internal network and be configured for a single purpose: to house data efficiently without the overhead and complexity of general-purpose servers. Data will also be housed offsite in a Secure Class-A Data Center. Your data will be protected from the outside world by a sophisticated hardware firewall accessible only by using the supplied VPN software and unique encryption key.


Disaster Recovery
ENTRUST offers disaster recovery. In any type of disaster, both the applications and the data critical to the business can be restored. ENTRUST’s offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions are priced for small and medium size businesses and are structured to help them survive disasters.

Disaster recovery needs to get your business back and running and thriving ASAP.  Your business does not need to stay broken in case a server crashes.  We set up a system which can have your operation back up in minutes rather than weeks.