According to the Disaster Recovery Journal, of companies that experience a ‘signigficant data loss,” 43% go out of business within 1 year, and 72% go out of business within 2 years.  But you can protect yourself with backups, right?  Wrong!  It was found that attempted recoveries from typical backups from tapes or external drives failed between 42% and 71% of the time!  Even if you don’t lose all of your data, you could be “down” for an extended period of time, meaning days or weeks.  Can your business afford that?

At Entrust, we help you put together a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, which is a process that prevents or overcomes a potential disaster or data loss, so that you are either not impacted at all, or can resume very quickly.

Having a Business Continuity Plan means that you can continue your business operations without lost productivity, lost sales, or lost customers.  Let Entrust help, while keeping in mind some of the pitfalls of a “standard backup model”:

  • Anytime you rely on an “automated system”, it will fail more often than it should
  • Anytime you must rely on “someone” to change tapes or take things offsite, often it is “no one” that does it
  • Repairing or replacing faulty or damaged equipment can take a long time
  • The “safe” location is sometimes inconveniently inaccessible such as at someone’s home while they are on vacation, or in a bank vault when it is needed on a Sunday morning
  • If you don’t regularly perform backup validation tests, you have no way of knowing if you can reliably restore any data from your backups

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