InnoTech San Antonio invite

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   ENTRUST Invites You to  InnoTech San Antonio   Join us for the 10th anniversary InnoTech San Antonio at a *NEW* location – the Norris Conference Center                                  April 12-13, 2017 This year will feature a two-day conference packed with great networking, education & more! Register for InnoTech Today      Registration is complimentary and we invite you to join us. CLICKHERE …

We’ve Reached The Ransomware Tipping Point

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By Mitchell R. Sowards What is Ransomware? “Ransomware” is malicious software that infects your systems and instead of trying to steal or destroy any of your data, it simply “takes your data hostage” by encrypting it and then demanding you pay a ransom to be given the decryption key.  Ransomware can be introduced into your systems in 3 general ways: …

Enterprise Mobility + Security

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Today, the topic of cybersecurity has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have grown substantially more sophisticated in frequency and severity. What’s at stake? Everything from customer privacy to brand identity, executive’s reputations and beyond. Without a strong defense system in place, the identities and bank accounts of individuals can …

Is Google’s new security model a look into our future?

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Summary:  Google gets rid of their firewalls and gives us a new model for Security in our mobile world You have a traditional business IT infrastructure. Everyone lives in the same building and use the same, internal network.  You know where everyone is, what they need access to, and who is on your network.  You buy firewalls,  switches, and other …

North SA Chamber Offers Programming for Information Officers

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“San Antonio’s tech scene is in a state of tremendous growth. With the education and technology we are developing, the North SA Chamber knows that we need to play our part in the technology community,” – Bryan Guinn Bryan Guinn,  on growing tech industry in San Antonio as written in the Rivard Report.  Read full article here.

Email protection: are you as safe as you think?

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Email protection is definitely one of the most important issues facing businesses today.  Here is a guest post by one of our Senior Engineers – Andrew Young.  Andrew works fervently every day to build out top notch security for our clients.  This article is a long read. But, your safety is worth the investment. Introduction Email has slowly become one …

Ransomware removal in one easy step.  Seriously.

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Ransomware is a multi-million-dollar crime operation that seems to hit everyone from hospitals to police departments to more hospitals to IT Consultants…really?  Yes, unfortunately I’m not joking.  Cyber criminals don’t discriminate.  They’ve cast the proverbial line, and whomever bites gets infected.  But, ransomware removal doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you’re company is prepared for a cyber-attack, recovery is one …

Entrust joins North San Antonio Chamber for 2017 CIO Panel

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This year, ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services joins the North San Antonio Chamber’s 2017 CIO Panel.  Come join local CIOs as they discuss technology trends especially relevant to our companies in 2017.  Finally jump those tech hurdles that have bothered you.  And, learn what others in the area are doing. Topics Include Topics for this year’s CIO Panel include IT Innovation, Digital …

What is Microsoft SharePoint and why should I care?

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What is Microsoft SharePoint?  Good question! Microsoft SharePoint is a communication hub solution helping teams work better together.  SharePoint gives individuals, teams, and organizations the right tools to discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere on any device. 160 million – yeah, million – users across 75,000 organizations have already discovered what SharePoint can do for their teams. Microsoft SharePoint …