Whether it is an individual that has suffered from a serious malware attack or a large company that is fighting against data intrusions, it is obvious that there are steps that need to be taken to protect their data. For individuals, all those family photos, the unique documents, and even financial records stored on their computer could become corrupted or erased altogether!

Yet, companies can have millions of consumer’s credit card information on file, personal details about employees, and even classified documents that can all be stolen in the event of a data intrusion attack.

Instead of being reactive to an attack, the company should be proactive in creating a backup of their data systems. There are many great methods, and some excellent security companies, based around the backup of company systems. For example, there is a growing trend in using cloud-based servers for backup instead of physical hardware. This method alone removes the risk of a physical catastrophe, like a large storm, destroying the backup.

If the company should undergo an attack, and lose data, a backup will enable them to get up and running. Any of the corrupted or stolen files would be restored to their original condition, and the company could even start comparing the two data sets to see exactly what was impacted by the attack. So, in short, data backup is a great proactive security measure!

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