Protect Your Data from Cyber Crime

Cyber crime refers to illegal activity that involves the use of computers or online networks to steal identity, personal information, infringement on copyrighted material, bandwidth theft or banking information. Often cyber thieves use phishing software to deceive people into divulging their passwords or other common information such as the last four digits of their social security numbers to steal their identities.
You’ve most likely received a suspicious email from a trusted source asking you for personal information only to find that a hacker was behind the email. Often hackers attempt to attack businesses by shutting down their website of stealing sensitive data. Cyber thieves typically possess advanced programming skills.

ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services of San Antonio focuses on preventing attacks before they happen as well as reacting to any damage that has already been caused by a cyber criminal. They can install important security measures that will prevent a cyber thief from attacking a business, including spam filtering, encryption and authentication programs that will protect your company’s computers from being hacked. Safeguard your company’s sensitive information and have current technology that will ensure your data as well as your customer’s will be kept private. The IT experts at ENTRUST have the latest software security measures that will protect your important data from a hacker.