An Open Letter to Prospective Customers

“Names changed to preserve the privacy of the actual recipient of the original letter.”

Dear John,

Based on your current provider’s assertion that ENTRUST is “just trying to get into your back pocket”, I felt it was important to spend a few moments to share with you our true intentions and beliefs about providing IT support to our customers and assure you we are NOT just trying to fleece you.   Your network has some shortcomings which need to be corrected to make it a manageable network.

To understand what I mean by a “manageable network” and to understand our services, you should understand some of our core beliefs:

  • Computers have become fundamental tools to almost every business and organization these days.  But that dependency presents great risks for those businesses.
  • The risk of lost data when systems fail and backups were non-existent or not working is so high that it can put companies out of business.
  • The cost of downtime, when systems are not working, can be very high and can bring all business functions to a halt.
  • The cost of lost productivity and poor morale when systems are unreliable or perform poorly is a “hidden” ongoing expense of an unmanaged network.
  • A professionally managed network minimizes the above risks and associated costs.

John, it is our belief that at some point in every organization’s life they must move beyond the disorganized and unmanaged computer infrastructure they may have started with.  Similarly, they outgrow the abilities of “teenagers in t-shirts” or “two guys and a truck” and need the support of a team of expert professionals dedicated to caring for their systems all the time – and not just someone who will come when things are broken.  At ENTRUST we consider it our mission to work every day to protect our customers from all of those risks and costs and to deliver to them a SECURE, RELIABLE, and OPTIMIZED computer system.   And we want to do so at a price that is predictable and budget-able and affordable.

This is our philosophy.  For you to be a happy customer, I think you need to have a like-minded philosophy (or at least be open to it).

If you feel uncomfortable with our approach or don’t feel that it matches your own beliefs, then perhaps we should reconsider whether or not ENTRUST is the right I.T. support firm for you today.   We are definitely not “trying to get into your back pocket”, but your network is currently in a state where it can’t be well-managed.  We would be unable to deliver on our promised suite of services if your network was left in its current state.  We would be committed to bringing your network up to a well-managed state and will try to do so in a way that is affordable to you, if you are ready to bring your systems up to that level.

John, the name of your firm is “Golden Rule” and the name of my firm is “ENTRUST”.  I think we would both be failing to live up to our names if we don’t ensure that we are “on the same page” in this matter.

I sincerely hope that ENTRUST can provide our services to Golden Rule at a price you can afford and delivering value which you will appreciate.  But I am happy to step back release you from our recently signed contract if you are having second thoughts.

I look forward to speaking with you again to make sure we are “on the same page”.   Let me assure you that we want Golden Rule to be our customer.  But if it’s not meant to be, at least we can go our separate ways on friendly terms.

Please call me or reply at your convenience.

An Open Letter to Prospective Customers