Choosing a data visualization and analytics solution to deliver insights across and organization is a big decision. Not all solutions are created equal and business leaders need to know that they are choosing a solution that will give them the answers they need.

Here are 5 factors to consider that prove that Microsoft BI is the superior choice over the competition.

1. Power BI is natively integrated with Office 365, Azure and Dynamics

One of the most important things to consider is the onboarding process when integrating new technology. Microsoft BI intuitively works with Excel and other familiar Microsoft programs by providing a common foundation. This can streamline the process of getting data working across multiple platforms and integrating it into your system. Options like Tableau integrate 3rd party programs that can slow down performance and reduce efficiency.

2. Power BI offers unique experiences for Business users

Microsoft BI allows natural language query with Q&A that Tableau cannot offer. Power BI users also have access to an open framework with over 100 custom visualizations created by the Microsoft community.

3. Power BI offers a strong compliance offering enterprise grade administration and security features

Power BI has a strong compliance and offerings aligned with the GDPR. Microsoft solutions support national cloud services, and helps customers meet regulations on service delivery and data control. Other services like Tableau don’t offer as robust local compliance making deployment and management independent of other services.

4. Microsoft was named a leader in analytics and BI Platforms by Gartner in 2018.

This ranks Microsoft above Tableau and is marked as being the most visionary option.

5. Authorizing is Free with Microsoft BI Desktop.

Extending BI to everyone is cost efficient with Power BI Pro and Premium. Other services like Tableau are $70/month for authorizing data preparation. Microsoft BI offers extremely competitive pricing options that often provide much more value than others like Tableau.

The choice is clear. Microsoft BI offers more and costs less. Plus the integration with other familiar Microsoft products makes it the obvious choice for those who already rely on the Microsoft Suite of products. The familiarity and similar foundation make it easier for organizations to adopt and integrate the best data visualization into their everyday operations.

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