10 Questions to Ask Your IT Service Provider

You should ask a lot of your IT service company. Every business in the San Antonio area deserves to have the perfect IT service provider. Like everything, they are great IT service providers, and there certainly also bad IT service providers. Make sure that you demand the most from your current service provider, or do your research in finding a new provider who can get the job done right. The following critical questions are a great place to start. 

Does Your IT Service Provider…

1. Act quickly and within the hour when you have IT questions?
2. Make themselves available 24/7 for your IT needs?
3. Offer friendly customer service?
4. Stick to the initial budget they give you for larger projects?
5. Update you frequently with their status on fixing bugs or hardware?
6. Perform frequent testing to ensure that all of your hardware and software is running smoothly?
7. Offer warrantees on everything they do?
8. Itemize their invoices for your understanding?
9. Remotely monitor your network to ensure security of your information?
10. Stay up to date on state of the art technology that could be useful to your business?

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