Cloud Computing

Using the cloud can transform your business operations and help you win.

Windows Support

From servers to Windows 10, we are experts in Microsoft products.

IT Support

We help you do everything from IT projects to whole IT infrastructure management.

CareDesk® Support

We help enterprise level clients with carryover support as well as full service managed support.

What is your role with your firm?

Executives & Owners

We know the rhythms of your profession and our industry-specific plans are designed to meet your unique needs. We fully understand the workload that licensed professionals typically experience and provide services such as Leanmail® to help with that load.

Operations Managers

For our select clientele, we provide customized contract service plans. For small organizations of 20-60 computer users, we will be your IT department. For larger firms, we will supplement your internal team providing access to high-end expertise they may need or handle the day-to-day background functions allowing them to focus on business initiatives.
We know the rhythms of your profession and our industry-specific plans are designed to meet your unique needs. We fully understand the workload that licensed professionals typically experience and provide services such as Leanmail® to help with that load.

IT Directors

As an IT Leader, we know that you want options. And you want assistance where and when you need it. While we offer "all-inclusive" service plans for those that want to outsource, we also offer our select clientele supplemental services such as 24x7 monitoring, management, and proactive care to secure and optimize all your devices.
Other service menu options include 24x7 TierOne (helpdesk) services, Microsoft stack project services like Office 365 migrations, Microsoft Azure workload shifting, end-to-end security from desk to mobile phone, and SharePoint Online development. Check out our case studies and testimonials for more information.

ENTRUST only accepts a few select new clients each year. We invite you to reserve your space now!

ENTRUST offers multiple levels of service to cover your company's IT support needs.

For example, you can select from our CareDesk® level for as few as 10 users, Professional coverage to include mobile devices or Premium services including unlimited service requests.

The KFORD Group

"We don't make a move without ENTRUST and haven't for many years. They take the worry about all things technological, off our shoulders so that we can focus our attention on giving our clients peace of mind regarding all things accounting." Kim Ford The KFORD Group...

Sol Schwartz & Associates

"We have a full-time in-house IT manager so we have not requested the same level of service many ENTRUST clients need. ENTRUST provides us the comfort level of having someone outside with deeper and broader experience oversee major decisions. Also, comfort in having...

Norman & Oliver, PC

“ENTRUST has given our office excellent protection and continuing service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to another potential client.” Carl Oliver Norman & Oliver, PC ATTORNEYS

Cram Roofing Company

“ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services deliver great results by offering true partnership with their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stand-out performer in the Managed IT Support Provider sector.” Mark Eichelbaum Cram Roofing Company...

SA CPA Society

"The San Antonio CPA Society/Foundation has been a client of ENTRUST for many years. The technical service, timely support and attention to customer satisfaction is key to our success as a business. ENTRUST is our technology advisor and supporter – their...

Fisher, Herbst & Kemble

"As a long-term client of ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services, I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team. They are certainly a stand out in the Managed IT Support Provider sector." Bob Herbst Fisher, Herbst, and Kemble...

Hornberger, Fuller & Garza

"If I ever end up in a foreign jail I’m not calling home - I’m calling ENTRUST Urgent Support because I am guaranteed a response!!  Here’s what happened: It was an exhausting day yesterday and I called after hours support about a problem swapping the backup drive. ...

Selrico Services Inc.

“The whole Entrust team takes pride in service and customer satisfaction, and it shows every time they come to our office or provide remote support. We operate with a small corporate staff, but we have locations around the world. We know that our offsite users can...

Parrish & Company, Inc.

“Computers are a necessary evil in the modern world…you can’t live with them, but you certainly can’t live without them! Mitch Sowards and The Entrust Gang have made our lives 200% better! We went through quite a few IT advisers until we met Mitch, and it was a lucky...

Heard & Smith, LLP

“It would be difficult to overstate the confidence we have in Mitch Sowards and Entrust, and the degree to which we rely on them. Our history goes back over 15 years, and I can truly state that in all that time, Mitch has never let us down. Our business has expanded...

We Care About Uptime!

Here at ENTRUST, we understand your business running at full speed matters. We also believe what gets measured is improved, therefore, we measure the impact to downtime as well as our own performance. If you want to work with an IT Services company who takes uptime as seriously as you do (or more), then ENTRUST is the technology partner for you!

At ENTRUST, you will typically reach a TierOne technician within 2 minutes who will usually resolve your request 50-70% of the time. If your issue requires the expertise of our TierTwo or TierThree teams, they will typically begin work by the time shown in the graphic.


Is your data safe? How do you know? Are you using a reliable data backup mechanism?

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a full-service information technology consulting & IT Services firm serving TEXAS in the greater SAN ANTONIO region.

With over 25 years experience in the technology and IT Support industry, ENTRUST offers:

  • professional, prompt, and expert care for all of your network and IT Services infrastructure.
  • inclusive care, from IT staff augmentation and support up to a completely managed infrastructure.
  • extensive care, from key network elements such as mission-critical servers and routers down to all of your organization’s workstations and mobile devices.
  • expertise in computer networking design, infrastructure installation, configuration, problem diagnoses, and resolution.

ENTRUST only accepts a few select new clients each year. We invite you to reserve your space now!

What exactly does Entrust do?

What current technologies interest you as an IT Consultant?

What are “Managed IT Services”?

What is ‘Managed IT?’

Managed IT Services is a common buzzword in the marketplace.  You may have been approached about getting your San Antonio company connected with a Managed IT Company (or Managed Services Company). Before you sign up with one of these companies, you should know what a Managed IT company does (or should be doing.)

Ten Key Items a Managed Service Provider (MSP) SHOULD be doing for your company:
– Your business depends on your computers – You cannot be down for days.  We understand this.  Your IT company should be calling back within minutes of a critical ticket being placed, not within hours or days.
Updating Patches and Software
– A Managed IT Company should have a list of your computers and servers and know when security patches or software is updated and make sure you are protected from possible threats from viruses and malware.
Asset Management
– Do you have a current list of all your IT equipment, phones, tablets, laptops, printers, etc?  A company managing your IT should help you manage assets and let you know if there are missing devices
Data Backup and Recovery
– Does your San Antonio business have a data backup and disaster recovery solution?  Have you actually tested it?  Do you know what would happen if your building had a flood or a fire?  Working with a managed IT company, this should be taken care of for you.
Cost Saving Technology Solutions
– A managed IT Company should be looking at your technology today and see if there are ways to save money for your company.  This could mean consolidation, virtualization, or applying newer technology like Hybrid Voip or Virtualization.
Remote Access
– Business is done from coffee shops, hotspots, home and many other places than just the office.  Your managed IT company should be able to help you login to your system from anywhere
– When you place a ticket into the system, there should be a chain of events set off.  You should be able to look at response times.  We publish our stats on our homepage as we know transparency increases accountability.  We work for you and want to make sure we are responsive to your needs.
Constant Monitoring
– Managed IT means the company you hire knows more about your network than you do. Monitoring can let the company know a hard drive is starting to fail before it fails and causes a nightmare. If a service is not responding, we generally will know and fix it before you even know the problem existed.
Consistent Costs
– Managed IT means you get to work with a company on a fixed cost per user to get all the support and repairs you need.  No worries about an expensive server repair, that is covered under the agreement when you cover your whole IT ecosystem to ENTRUST.
– Your IT should be optimized. This means that systems work to their potential as well as working well together. If something is dragging down your speed, a network technician will figure out how to remove that roadblock.

If your managed IT company in San Antonio is not providing at least these benefits to your company, we should talk.  Our specialty is working with organizations who have between 10 and 300 users that depend upon and value information technology services in San Antonio.

ENTRUST only accepts a few select new clients each year. We invite you to reserve your space now!

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